This Brazilian Model Could Pass As Gisele Bundchen’s Identical Twin

It’s hard to believe that Gisele Bundchen’s beauty could be replicated, but this 16-year-old model Paula La Croix is giving Bundchen a run for her money.

La Croix is also from Bundchen’s native Brazil, but they’re not related. La Croix has the same sunkissed light brunette locks as Bundchen and a perfectly symmetrical face with high cheekbones.

La Croix talked to Yahoo! Style about her famous doppelganger and how it’s helped her own modeling career. “Being compared to Gisele is an honor, she is simply amazing,” La Croix told Yahoo! Style. “I believe the comparison has only generated great things due to my attitude upon it.”

She got discovered after attending a modeling workshop. The modeling scout who was running the new modeling faces workshop was the first to draw the comparison between La Croix and Bundchen.

But don’t get it twisted, La Croix loves being compared to Bundchen all the time but she isn’t going to try and replicate the model’s career path.

“Of course I am inspired by her — she is one of my big inspirations due to her resilience and confidence. However, I want to create my own path!” La Croix said. “My aim is to be myself and pursue my own career. But I do not compare myself to her, as we are both unique.”

One of the main differences is that La Croix is putting her education first. Her twin, Bundchen started her modeling career at 14 and was walking in New York Fashion Week at the mere age of 16.

“I will stay in school and I plan on going to college,” she stated. “I am pursuing my career, working as much as the balance with school allows me to! I hope that I work a lot with modeling, which is something I love to do!”

Even though the two will have different career paths there is no denying the uncanny resemblance.

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