This Taylor Swift Doppelgänger Will Make You Think Taylor Has A Twin–DO66/?taken-by=laurah

Laura Cadman gets mistaken for Taylor Swift on a regular basis. Seriously, she has encountered many crazed Swifties. But there is one major difference between Laura and Taylor. Laura is British, so when fans run up to her assuming she’s Tswift and she starts to speak they instantly know that she isn’t the real Taylor.

But at first glance, Laura is practically Taylor’s twin, but she doesn’t mind getting mobbed by unknowing Taylor fans because she’s a fan herself. She told Daily Mail that she attended Taylor’s 1989 tour and some fans thought she was Taylor. A fan was so upset that she wasn’t the real Taylor that she told her she hated her and shouldn’t trick people.

Other fans were much nicer to Laura. They took photos with her and talked all things Taylor with her as well. Laura admits that her and the singer have a similar style, but the facial similarities are natural.

Laura has similar hair color, body type and face as Taylor. Her bangs are swoopy like Taylor’s were a few years ago and she loves a red lip like Taylor. The resemblance has me thinking that Taylor has a long-lost British sister. They should do a DNA test.–DO66/?taken-by=laurah–kJBluM/?taken-by=laurah

Laura says her mom is sick of people pointing out the fact that Laura is Taylor’s twin. She wants Laura to be recognized as being her own person. If I saw Laura on the street I would think she was Taylor, sorry Laura’s mom.

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