Charlize Theron Is A Dedicated Member Of Bachelor Nation: ‘That’s My Date Night’

Somehow, even with almost universally-resented bachelors like Arie Lundendyk Jr. and Nick Viall, The Bachelor franchise manages to lure viewers back each year with the promise of six-week engagements, heavily edited on-screen feuds, and inexplicably enjoyable spin-offs like The Bachelor Winter Games. Thankfully, we aren’t the only ones who keep coming back to the addictive — and often problematic — reality show season after season.

In a delightful segment on The Late Late Show, Charlize Theron revealed to host James Corden that she is a proud member of Bachelor Nation.

“I basically feel like I’m dating The Bachelor, like, the show,” the actress said in her March 8 appearance. “On Monday nights because my kids can’t read a clock yet I get them to bed at like 5:45 and then I open a bottle of wine, take a bath. I get all ready and that’s my date night. I date the show.”

*takes notes for parents everywhere*

Still, despite sharing a Monday night ritual with many of us (sans children), Theron has no interest in becoming a contestant on either The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

“No, I don’t want to be on the show,” she answered. “I just want to watch.”

Watch her J-Law-levels-of-relatable segment below.


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