‘Riverdale’ Stream: How To Watch Season 2, Episode 15 Online

Last week on Riverdale Veronica and Archie and Jughead and Betty took a couples’ trip away from all the drama after Ronnie’s dad suggests that Veronica and Archie head up to the family lake house for the weekend while Hiram and Hermione tend to some business back in Riverdale. Cheryl, found herself as an outcast when she tries to invite herself along but is awkwardly shut down. Upset over not being invited, Cheryl stirs up a bit of drama and calls Jughead to let him know that Betty kissed Archie a few weeks back, causing some tension during the couple’s retreat. In an unconventional way to even the score, Veronica and Jughead kiss. The girls later head into town to discuss the close personal bond between the four friends.

Meanwhile back in Riverdale, Josie spills the beans to Kevin about the Sheriff and the former Mayor’s affair in retaliation against her mom. Cheryl comes clean to Toni that she had a friendship-turned-lesbian-relationship broken up by her mom.

Back at the lake house, tensions rise again when Jughead and Betty learn that Hiram bought the trailer park and the Riverdale Register. A group of men that Ronnie flirted with to get back at Archie break into the house, but Veronica activates a silent alarm chasing the young thieves away. One of Hiram’s “men” arrives and kills one of the intruders, and the two couples head back to Riverdale.

This week, the gang’s all back together in Riverdale, and Archie learns that his dad is considering running for mayor of Riverdale. Meanwhile, Betty becomes increasingly suspicious of Chic’s ongoing strange behavior and Cheryl, and her mom learns that Clifford left a secret will. As for Jughead, he will make a significant discovery that we’re sure will shake up the town.

Check out below how you can stream this week’s episode of Riverdale.

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15 Viewing Details

Date: Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Time: 8:00 P.M. EST
TV Channel: CW
Season: 2
Episode: 15
Title: “There Will Be Blood”
Starring: Lili Reinhart, KJ Apa, Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes and more.

How To Watch Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15 Online

When you go to the CW website, you’ll be able to stream your favorite CW television series. You will be able to do this free of charge. Pretty cool, right? CW uploads new episodes the day after the show airs on television. But, streaming is only available in the US.

How To Watch Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15 On Mobile

Download the CW app onto any smartphone device. All you need to do is go to the app store on your AppleAndroidAmazon Fire, or Microsoft device to download the app for free. You will be able to stream all your CW shows without signing in with your cable information.

How To Watch Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15 If You Don’t Have Cable

If you’ve cut the cable cord, SlingTV allows you to watch all your favorite television shows for only $20 a month. Make sure to check the device list before signing up to see if your device is compatible with SlingTV. Click here for the list.

If you are not sure about signing up, SlingTV offers a seven-day free trial on their website for new customers.

Riverdale Season 2, Episode 15 Promo

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