So, He Suddenly Stopped Texting? Here’s 10 Reasons Why He May Have Gone Silent

It happens all too often, one minute you’re texting him the next minute nothing. As minutes continue to pass by you, start to get into your head, with tons of different conspiracies as to why he hasn’t texted you back or has stopped texting you altogether.

“Is he doing something else?”

“Maybe he is with another girl.”

“Did he get hit by a car?”

“Did I say something wrong?”

Before you start jumping to conclusions, consider these 10 things he could be doing as reasons to why he hasn’t texted you back.

1. He’s Sleeping

It happens to the best of us. We lay down and get nice and comfy in our beds only to fall asleep in the middle of texting.

2. His Phone Is Charging

Eventually, his phone is gonna die and if he’s not fortunate enough to have an outlet close by he’s gonna leave it to charge. Instead of him running to his phone every minute to check and respond to his messages, he is probably just leaving it until it fully charges and then he will text you back.

3. He’s In The Middle Of Watching Something/Playing A Video Game

Boys will be boys, and sometimes that means that he will get preoccupied with playing a video game or become really engrossed in a television show so much so that texting you back gets bumped to the bottom of the list.

4. He’s Working Out

It’s kinda hard to text and lift or do any type of exercise for that matter which is probably why he’s gone ghost.

5. He’s In The Middle Of A Meeting

He may be able to text you when he’s at work doing his day to day, but those moments where he’s called in for a big meeting, his undivided attention is needed which means your text will have to wait.

6. He’s Eating

Eating and texting can get messy, especially if he’s eating something greasy so he may be waiting to text you after he finishes his burger.

7. He’s Driving

Safety First! You’d feel terrible if he got into a wreck because he was trying to text you back, so give him the benefit of the doubt and wait until he is parked to continue your convo.

8. He’s Thinking Of What To Say

Sometimes he may just be looking to try and impress you and stumped on how to respond, so it’s likely that he’s waiting to think of a good enough response to your text.

9. He Forgot To Press Send

We all have done it. We open and read a message, type a response and forget to press send only to realize hours later that the message never went through. It’s an honest mistake.

10. He’s In The Shower

If he’s disappeared out of the blue, it could be that he’s getting fresh and clean. Sometime’s he’ll give you a heads up about him stepping into the shower for a bit for which it’s totally fine to imagine him in the shower at that point.

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