Fans Don’t Think Kim Kardashian’s New Concealers Have The Range

Kim Kardashian debuted her latest KKW Beauty product, concealers. Kim fans can conceal, bake and brighten just like she does. The only thing is that fans are upset that the concealers only come in 16 shades.

The concealer line clearly caters more towards lighter and medium skin tones. Kim posted on her Instagram that the concealers have anti-aging qualities and that they “used models ranging from their 20’s to 80’s!” At least the campaign is age inclusive.

Her campaign photos are age inclusive and they do feature dark skin models. But beauty fans pointed out that Kim’s range likely doesn’t fit the models that she used in the campaign.

Not only were fans that her concealers don’t have the range but that the products for dark skin are so orange. The kits are supposed to brighten the under eye, but there are dark skin people with cool undertones.

People also pointed out that the reason why Kim released concealer kits is because of Fenty Beauty. Rihanna‘s makeup line has 40 shades and sets a precedent for ranges that brands have been compared to since, and many haven’t lived up to.

Kim isn’t the first brand to create concealers after Fenty Beauty’s drop. Kylie Jenner‘s beauty line Kylie Cosmetics came out with 30 shade range concealers a few months after Fenty Beauty.

This isn’t the first time Kim’s beauty products have been criticized to not catering to black people. Her contour kits have also been criticized for being too orange and red. She was also accused of wearing blackface for her contour kit campaign.

Seems like there’s a pattern with Kim’s products being very red and warm toned and not catering to cool tones.

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