4 TV Shows That Are Being Rebooted That Are The Ultimate TBT

Some of these TV shows might bring back a lot of nostalgia, even that time you were in a funk because one of these shows ran its course.

The 80s favorite Clarissa Explains It All might be rebooted and if so, it’ll join a slew of rebooted shows. If you were a fan of any or all of these then we bet you’re excited but if not, check them out anyway! With an all-new cast, these cult favorites are getting a reboot and we can’t wait.

1. Sabrina The Teenage Witch


The 90s version was a light-hearted family show. The reboot will be darker than the original and is based on Archie’s comics, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Netlifx confirmed that Sabrina will be played by Kiernan Skipka from Mad Men and her love interest Harvey Kinkle will be played by Ross Lynch, as for the talking cat? We still don’t know.

2. Charmed


The CW announced in January that the 90s witch cult show is being rebooted. The original show ran for a total of nine seasons on the same network. In early 2017, the CW planned to do a Charmed prequel based on 1970s that soon was scratched and it’ll be based in modern times.

3. Heathers


This 1980s cult favorite original air date was on March 7. But out of respect for those grieving after the Parkland shooting, it’s been pushed back because the show talks about gun violence. An official date has yet to be released.

4.  Roswell


The CW ordered pilot episodes of Rosewell.  Before Twilight there was Roswell, except in this case he’s an alien and themes of immigration are addressed in this cult favorite sci-fi show.

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