Oprah Has A Custom Bathtub Molded To The Shape Of Her Body

Picturing Oprah lounging about in her house is like imagining the private life of a 16th century monarch, with gold-plated walls, decadent sculptures, and an extensive staff catering to her every whim. Thankfully, the talk show queen has given the world a sliver into her actual relaxation routine, and it is every bit as luxurious as expected.

“Bathing is my hobby,” she revealed on The Late Late Show With James Corden. “Any kind of bath salts, bath oil, anything for the bath you can get me [for a gift].”

When Corden joked that she must have a lavish bath tub, Oprah admitted that it is totally custom-made.

“I do have a hand-carved tub,” she said. “Out of marble and onyx. You could get a couple [people] in there. However, it was carved to the shape of my body. First they create a cast model and you lay inside it… bathing, I’m serious about it.”

Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling’s simultaneously incredulous and delighted reactions are easily the best part of the segment.

“That’s the dream,” Corden responded, echoing all of our wistful thoughts.

Here’s hoping that Oprah has staff to feed her grapes and hold her wine glass while she eases back in her custom-molded tub.

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