10 Scariest Films Viewers Can’t Finish on Netflix

When it comes to horror movies their either extremely terrifying where you find yourself not sleeping, or just not scary at all. There are some nights where we are with a group of friends or alone and decide to watch a movie that some people have been raving about, and turn out regretting it. This past couple of years there have been some top-rated films that are marked as extremely frightening such as Stephen King’s remake of IT, Paranormal Activity, The Conjuring, Anabel and many more.

A spokesperson for the streaming service Netflix spoke to Forbes and revealed a list they had made of movies that people watch 70% of before turning the movie off. The site had reached a conclusion that people did not finish the film not because they hated the movie but because of fear. If a person dislikes a movie they will turn it off within minutes of starting it. Forbes also searched the film rotten tomatoes score and IMDB ratings to see if there was any correlation. Cabing Fever (2016), for example, had a zero percent on rotten tomatoes and 3.7 scores on IMDB.

Here are the top scariest films on Netflix.

1. Cabin Fever

Fresh out of college a group of five friends, decide to vacation to a cabin for one last party before they go into straight adulthood for the rest of their lives. What was supposed to be a fun weekend turns into hell, as the young adults become the victims of the gruesome flesh-eating virus.

2. Carnage Park

This movie takes place in 1978 and revolves around Vivian who was captured by two criminals on the run. She and her captors end up in a super hot desert where a deranged ex-military sniper lives. It goes south when the man decides to use the three characters for his own personal deadly game.

3. Mexico Barbaro

A collection of eight terrifying Mexican horror films, made by top horror directors will have you scared straight.

4. Piranha (1978)

A weird spin-off of Jaws takes place around a Doctor Robert Hoak who is working on a flesh-eating fish that will be used in the Vietnam War. After he is knocked unconscious, investigator Maggie McKeown and Paul Grogran release the piranha by accident into a local river which leads to a lake where a children’s summer camp and a tourist resort are currently in. It becomes a race to save lives as the Piranha reaches the lake.

5. Raw

Justine comes from a family of veterinarians and vegetarians. At 16 she begins veterinary school, where she is an outcast and is surrounded by dangerous influences. Hoping to fit in she decides to stray from her families beliefs and eats raw meat for the first time which leads her to a terrible and frightening path.

6. Teeth

Teenager Dawn struggles to find herself and goes on a sexually active spree. Unaware of the fact that she has toothed vagina when she is the object of violence. Dawn begins to comprehend her body’s strange features and how to live with it.

7. The Conjuring

One of the many films that are about the famous cases of the Warrens who were paranormal investigators. This chilling true-story about a family who moves into a house and is haunted by the witch who once lived there and the children she had killed when she was alive.

8. The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence

This sequel continues the horrifying story of a doctor who wants to fulfill his strange fantasy of connecting people together into a human centipede.

9. The Void

Physicist Eva Soderstrom discovers the plans of Thomas Abernathy, to create a black hole in a laboratory on earth that will suck up every living being on the planet. This same experiment killed her father years ago and turns to friend Dr. Price to try to save the human race.

10. Jeruzalem

Two girls follow a handsome anthropology student on a trip to Jerusalem only to find themselves caught in the middle of a biblical apocalypse. It becomes a story of life and death as they try to find a way out of the city.

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