These Are 5 Awesome Underrated Perks Of Being Single

Being single can have its disadvantages at times, but equally so, there are some pretty awesome advantages to being single as well. In fact being single is no longer considered to be the downer it’s been stigmatized for being. When you’re baeless, there’s a certain level of freedom you have that you no longer have once you’re in a relationship and the benefits start to outway the cons.

Being single definitely gets a bad rap but these 5 underrated perks make being single totally worth it. Take a look.

1. You do what you want when you want.

When you’re single, you have the luxury of doing what you want, when you want to do it. Because you’re riding solo, everything is done on your schedule versus when you’re in a relationship, you usually have to work with one another’s timing and schedule.

2. You get to have your dessert (and the remote) all to yourself.

watching tv

Sure it’s great when you and your S.O. have a lazy Saturday at home binge watching Stranger Things, or when you both sit down every week to tune into Riverdale, but when one person has a conflict and can’t commit to watching your show of the week, you’re usually left having to wait until your bae is free so you can both enjoy the latest episodes together. When you’re single, you don’t have to wait on anyone and can watch your shows (and enjoy your snacks) in peace.

3. You snag a great seat at the movies.

When you’re single, you don’t have to worry about snagging a great seat for you and your sweetheart and can usually find a great single seat with ease.

4. You get to know different people outside of your circle through dating.

When you’re single, you’re able to spend your time meeting all different types of people that you may not have met booed up.

5. You can take solo trips whenever you want.

When you’re single, you get to roam the city and take trips that you may not have been able to take if you were in a relationship. Because you’re not dependent on someone else’s company or don’t have to consider anyone but yourself, you’re free to explore and cross those things off your bucket list one by one.

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