#WhyImSingle Is Trending On Twitter & Sadly, It’s Hilarious

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away, and you probably can’t pass a store window without seeing all the sentiments of the upcoming holiday. This all sounds well and good if you are happy in a relationship, but if you’re like the nearly 2,000 people who took to Twitter to break down why they’re single, you’re probably looking to skip February 14th altogether.

We’re not quite sure who posed the question, but in any case, thousands tweeted out the brutally honest truth as to why they are single. Let’s take a look at some reasons as to why so many of us will be riding solo on V-Day this year.

Because some people ain’t sh*t.


Some people shared that the reason they are single is because a lot of people just don’t value the real sentiments of being in a relationship anymore. Others said they are single due to good ‘ol fashioned heartbreak. Smh. Those heartbreakin’ bastards.

Because food is bae.

Some people expressed that the reason they are currently single is because that when it comes to choosing between food and having a relationship, food manages to win every single time.

Because it’s actually me, and not you.

These Twitter users were very candid about why they are single and openly admitted that the reason they are single is no one else’s fault but their own. Being single has a lot of perks, sometimes more than having a bae.

Because looks matter.

As much as we hate to admit it, unfortunately, we live in a very superficial society, and that’s why these Twitter users say they are single.

So there you have it, folks. Being single on Valentine’s Day may not be what you were hoping for, but if you’re celebrating the holiday solo this year, there’s still plenty to do.

You can spend your day doing something fun by yourself and avoid being surrounded by a bunch of couples. Or you can celebrate with your girlfriends and have your own Galentine’s Day celebration.

Either way, don’t feel too bad about being single this Valentine’s Day. If you start to feel down in the dumps, you could always look up #WhyImSingle tweets and realize that it could be much, much worse.


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