Six Best Ways To Reduce Anxiety & Stress

Some days, anxiety can be seriously overwhelming. So overwhelming that it can completely disrupt our day or even our entire week. Anxiety is like the toxic friend that seems to always tag along with stress. Stress can come from many different places, and it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why we’re feeling stressed out and anxious. However, there can be many different sources of where it can come from in our day to day lives. Nobody likes to feel stressed out, as it can have such a negative impact on our mood.

For some of us, it may not be that easy to relieve the feelings of stress and anxiety, but trying giving these 6 little things a try.

1: Take A Breath

Girl breathing


As simple as this sounds, when you’re feeling super anxious, begin to focus on your breathing. Inhale through your nose and fill your lungs. Count to five, hold, then exhale through your mouth. Regular breathing will stop the production of stress hormones. Practicing this breathing technique will begin to stimulate the part of the nervous system responsible for relaxing and calming the body down. Your body will literally have no choice but the calm the hell down!

2: Refocus your thoughts



When your mind is beginning to cloud over with anxiety, try to actively refocus my thoughts on something completely different. For example, something positive. When you let your negative thoughts swamp you, only you can get yourself back out of it, and refocus your mind really helps.

3: Exercise

Girl running


Multiple studies have found that exercise reduces feelings of anxiety thus encouraging feelings of wellbeing. Exercise is one of the most important things you can do in order to combat stress.

4: Reduce your caffeine intake



Yeah okay, the sound of reducing your coffee intake does sound pretty upsetting. However, caffeine in high doses can really increase your anxiety. If you notice that caffeine makes you anxious and jittery, try cutting back a bit.

5: Try Yoga



Yoga has become an increasingly popular method of stress relief and exercise. It does this by increasing body and breath awareness; reducing stress hormones.

Try going along to a Yoga class or try it out at home to help you with your anxiety.

6: Keep A Journal



A simple way to reduce your stress is to get it all out on paper. Keeping those thoughts swirling around your head can bog you down and be overwhelming. When it is out on paper, it is a lot easier to manage.

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