7 Tips For How To Make Your Bae A Better Kisser

You may love your bae with all your heart, but there are certain things that shouldn’t be overlooked, and one of those things is kissing. Let’s face it, it’s kinda hard to ignore a lousy kisser once they are found but if you genuinely love your sweetheart, there are actually ways to work around that. Getting to lock lips with your honey┬áis meant to be fun and romantic, but when your bae is a bad kisser, it can make things a bit more challenging to enjoy.

Luckily, all hope is no longer lost and with these seven tips to help you out, your boo will be banished from bad kisser land in no time.

1. Make It A Game

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“Spin the bottle,” “Suck and blow” and “Five minutes in heaven” were all fun kissing games we used to play with our friends at parties. If your sweetheart is not the greatest at locking lips and needs some practice, try going retro and make things a bit more playful and fun by creating a game out of it. That way you’re able to practice freely, and it becomes less of a chore and is much more playful.

2. Give Positive Feedback


Before you hit your bae with the bad news, it’s important to give them positive feedback about the things that you DO like. Sprinkling┬áin how you like the way they play with your hair while you lock lips but you’re not the biggest fan of when they bite down on your lip softens the blows they are about to receive about their lackluster kissing skills.

3. Joke Around About It

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It’s just kissing and shouldn’t be taken TOO seriously so try and have fun with it and make jokes about it. It also softens those bad kissing jokes you’re gonna give.

4. Take The Lead

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Taking the lead and SHOWING your partner how you liked to be kissed is almost a sure fire way to get your boo to reciprocate. By demonstrating physically, you’re giving your partner a guide on how you want to be pleased and 99 percent of the time, they are gonna wanna make sure they deliver so they’ll be sure to try and emulate what you’re doing.

5. Take Breaks


Taking breaks allows for you and your partner to regroup and go at it again. You’re not running a marathon or trying to finish a race here so every once in a while come up for air.

6. Keep It Real

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Alright, when that moment of truth finally does arise it’s important, to be honest, but KIND. You’re not trying to break your boo’s spirit, and if you’re harsh, it could have an even bigger effect on your partner’s morale and confidence so when you’re giving feedback remember to start off slowly and try not to overwhelm them with your critique. Take it one step (or kiss) at a time.

7. Slow It Down

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Remember that in the game of kissing, it’s not about keeping up with the others it’s about what pleases you and your partner and what they like. If you’re both into slow sensual smooch sessions, it’s totally okay to go at the pace you’re both comfortable with.

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