This Mom Flew Across The Country Because Her Daughter Had A Headache

Today in news that will make you want to call your mom, one woman texted her mother that she had a stabbing headache — and her mom caught the next flight out to see her.

22-year-old New York-based writer Grace Li took to Twitter this week with the heartwarming encounter, where it promptly went viral.

“Me on the phone with my mom last night: I’m sick,” she tweeted. “Her: Ok I can catch the next flight. Me: Is that a joke?”

It absolutely was not.

Li attached a photo of her with her mom, Shixia Huang, smiling big in New York City, effectively melting the Internet’s collective icy heart. The tweet has already amassed nearly 10,000 likes, and people have taken to the platform to applaud this adorable mother’s dedication — and likely airline mileage (Texas to NYC is NOT a short trip).

Li told Buzzfeed that tickets from Texas to New York were “shockingly cheap,” so her mom “left work, went home and packed, and arrived in New York that night.”

Judging by her subsequent tweets, Grace is now prepped with a doctor visit, food, and all of the devotion a mother can give. She also shared that she spent the weekend “seeing doctors and taking extra-strength Tylenol and watching TV with my mom.”

Lorelai Gilmore has nothing on this woman.

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