Miley Cyrus Performed An Emotional Rendition Of ‘The Climb’ At The March For Our Lives

Miley Cyrus‘s inspiring song “The Climb” served as a memorable and tearjerking performance in The Hannah Montana Movie — but its message seems much more at home in front of a record-breaking crowd of 800,000 fighting for stricter gun control laws.

The singer and activist took the stage at the flagship Washington D.C. March For Our Lives rally Saturday to sing a passionate and affecting rendition of the nostalgic song. She wore a #MSDStrong sweatshirt in alliance with the students fighting against gun violence and held a sign reading “NEVER AGAIN” in bold black letters.

“This song has never felt more special,” she told the assembled crowd during the song. “I love to hear you all sing it along with me.”

Sing they did, with many of the students gathered tearing up during her emotional performance.

“Thank you for being here,” Miley closed. “You guys are so incredible and I just find myself lucky to be in the presence of all of you wonderful people, fighting for what is right.”

Miley teased the song ahead of the march on Instagram, posting several pictures of the lyrics. “These lyrics mean more to me now than ever,” she wrote. “I won’t ever give up & neither will the millions that march with us today! #EndGunViolence.”

Watch the full performance below.



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