This Record-Breaking Pizza With 111 Types Of Cheese Would Even Impress The Gilmores

Cheese pizza is a staple for a reason, known for its satisfying, delectable simplicity. Now one pizza restaurant is challenging that stereotype with a cheese pizza topped with (drumroll please) 111 types of cheese.

An American pizza chef at Vadoli Pizzeria in Berlin just won a Guinness World Record for “greatest variety of cheese on a pizza.” It’s well-deserved, too: their pie is topped with an impressive 288.6 grams of cheese which according to HelloGiggles the chef “kept the size of a regular pie.” That means exactly 2.6 grams of each kind of cheese is sprinkled on each pizza.

The pizza includes “mozzarella, Emmental, Leicestershire red, Comté and Raclette de Chèvre” and while 111 types of cheese may sound a bit excessive, Vadoli seems to have pulled it off without destroying the sanctimony of the food. One guest reportedly described the pizza as “crunchy and cheesy,” professing that “each piece tastes different.”

This is making Rory Gilmore’s “world’s biggest pizza” (or at least Connecticut’s biggest pizza) look a little half-hearted. We’re eager to try the cheesy pie — it’s gotta beat Al’s Pancake World.

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