Christina Aguilera Looks Unrecognizable In Her Latest Magazine Cover

Christina Aguilera is arguably one of the most famous pop divas of our time. Christina rose to fame in the early 00s thanks to her sultry hits and her feud with resident virginal pop star Britney Spears. The two were media enemies andpolar opposites, Britney was pure and innocent and Christina was sexy and promiscuous. Their contrast solidified their star statuses. But Christina hasn’t become a relic of the past, she’s remained in the throes of the spotlight.

She was a judge for The Voice for seven seasons, a singing show that made American completely forget about American Idol. And she got the stamp of approval from resident millennial herself, Kylie Jenner when she dressed up as Christina from her hit music video for “Dirrty“.

Despite Christina’s star status she has managed to look unrecognizable on the cover of Paper magazine.

The five-time Grammy winner is barefaced, minus what looks like a few swipes of mascara. I’ve seen Christina’s face countless times and I never knew she had a spattering of freckles across her nose.

The 37-year-old looks like a fresh-faced and stripped down, but not raw and rough around the edges. She looks warm and inviting like she’s letting us in to finally meet the real Christina after all these years.

The cover story is dubbed Transformation, alluding that there a new Christina has risen from her chrysalis. The rest of the photos are borderline makeup free as well.

This isn’t the first time Christina has transformed herself to fit a persona. She has dubbed many alter egos like Xtina and Baby Jane. But this unrecognizable bare faced Christina is a lot less harsh than her previous looks, maybe because she isn’t creating a character but instead is just being herself.

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