This Disney & Pixar Movie Bracket Is Tearing Friendships Apart

The best and worst thing about March Madness is making a bracket. Hope are high before the first tipoff and then ae quickly dashed in a few days. But brackets aren’t just for basketball, they’re a great way to rank your favorite things and start fights with your friends when you realize that you have different opinions.

So many brackets have surfaced on social media this month. There’s been one ranking your favorite internet BFs, another one ranking the best Vines and one ranking Mariah Carey song that the elusive chanteuse shared herself.

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March madness! What's your winner? 😊 #327

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But there’s one bracket that is rocking people’s world, shattering friendships and causing a huge debate, the Disney and Pixar bracket.

One side has Disney movies and the other side has Pixar movies. There are a lot of heavy hitters in the bracket. Right off the bat Frozen and Moana go head to head and Toy Story and Toy Story 2.

And for everyone asking for a blank bracket here ya go, knock yourselves out

— My last name is Jolley (@smjxmj) March 25, 2018

A lot of tough decisions have to be made, like will you choose Wall-E over The Incredibles? Is Aladdin better than Hercules or vice versa? Which movie reign supreme?

Everyone has their opinion on which movie reigns supreme. When people started filling out this bracket a lot of debate ensued. Mostly it’s people just yelling their opinions back and forth at each other on the internet.

Let's discuss

— My last name is Jolley (@smjxmj) March 24, 2018

One Twitter use put the Disney/Pixar bracket debate to rest by naming A Goofy Movie the best movie of all time. The Goofy Movie is definitely not a mainstream favorite but nonetheless is super good.

End of discussion

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What Disney or Pixar movie is your favorite?

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