Voting For Best Vines Of All Time Will Be The Hardest Decisions You’ve Made All Day

It’s March and if you’re a sports fan that means it’s March Madness AKA college basketball heaven. If you’re not a sports person all this talk about basketball and the perfect bracket can be exhausting and truly boring.

Even former President Barack Obama couldn’t resist making March Madness brackets.

Just because I have more time to watch games doesn’t mean my picks will be better, but here are my brackets this year:

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) March 14, 2018

But still, not even Obama can make someone who doesn’t like sports care about March Madness. But there is a bracket this month that matters a whole lot, the Best Vines of All Time bracket.

Twitter user @nick__curci tweeted out the official bracket and it’s intense. Picking your favorite Vine of all time is going to be the hardest decision you’ll make all month, maybe all year.

32 Vines are up for Best Vine of All Time and it’s hard to pick. His bracket has gone viral and the polls have garnered up to 40,000 votes.

He extended the voting days for the polls, so the first round of voting is still live. The winners of this round will then go head to head and we will have to vote again. This will keep happening until one Vine remains, the best Vine ever created.

The polls to vote for the Vines is in the thread. There are some polls that are not even a contest. Like the “F**k off Janet” Vine is crushing the “T-T-T-T-Target” Vine. It has gained 75% of the votes.

But there are a few polls that are neck and neck, seriously the winner is only ahead by a few percentages. The closest is the matchup between the “IAINTGETNOSLEEPCAUSEOFYOU” Vine versus the “Road work ahead?” Vine. The “Road work ahead?” Vine is barely in the lead with 51% of the votes while the other Vine has 49% of the votes.

These are the Vines that are winning as of publishing this piece, these aren’ the final winners.

vines bracket

Twitter Screenshot/ @nick__curci

Trust me this bracket will be updated when the winners are official and until there is one Vine left standing.

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