This Tweet About An AP Vine Exam Will Make You Want To Go Back To High School

Vine’s time of death was back in 2016, but that hasn’t stopped teens from looking back at the video-sharing app with a sense of fond nostalgia. Many of the memes born from Vine won’t be soon forgotten (even Black Panther included a clever nod to a popular vine in the film) and our culture will be hard-pressed to move on entirely from the amusing six-second videos.

Twitter user @hayleyroettger, for one, is taking the extra step to prove her commitment to Vine culture. The high school student posted a tweet this week sharing a faux AP exam her classmate made for her, and it has inspired thousands to voluntarily take a full-length exam.

“This kid said I’m not vine cultured and I said BET so today he came to class with a full length AP style Vine exam,” she shared. At the time of writing, her tweet has already amassed over 185,000 likes and 57,000 retweets.

She credits @IamKurinKassen with creating the exam — which includes a formal cover sheet, multiple-choice questions, and free response questions. This exam is not playing around.

“Briefly explain how the vine, ‘I kiss doggies,’ emulates popular culture in the United States,” one question reads.

The response to the “exam” was so overwhelming that Hayley shared the Google doc on Twitter — and now anyone can challenge their Vine trivia with the 42-question exam. (There’s also, thankfully, an answer key).

Twitter is appropriately enamored with the test.

Study up — and good luck.

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