This Twitter User Perfectly Described Popular Vines With Stock Images

Vine threads are not a rare sight on Twitter. Ever since the six-second video platform app was disabled Twitter users will tweet threads of their favorite Vine videos. Sometimes you’ll find a thread that has never seen before Vines and not just the uber-popular videos.

But Twitter user @cashmoneysara’s Vine thread is very different than just a string of videos. Her thread consists of tweets describing her favorite Vines with Shutterstock images.

If you’re not a Vine aficionado then this Vine thread is not for you. But don’t worry, Vine is being resurrected as V2.

If you love free she-vacado then you’ll understand this tweet.

One word, wow.

This one is a little hard to explain. The Vine was making fun of smoking weed with crayons and a microwave.

Step up, Kyle!

Rick Ross loves pears and isn’t afraid to say so on video.

If you have ever seen posts saying “Merry Cribmus” or “Merry Chrysler” this is why.

Those are just the fan favorites, but if you want more Sara covered 44 popular vines. The thread has become viral like a normal Vine thread. Some people have been replying with their own Shutterstock interpretations of Vines. While others are commending her for her brilliance.

This thread is almost as innovative as the couple who created a book of poetry based on Vines.

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