The Creator Of Vine Has Heard Your Pleas & Is Working On Another App

Since Vine was bought by Twitter and rudely and unfairly shut down in 2016 users have been crying on the internet asking Twitter to bring back the platform.

Vine was a six-second┬ávideo platform that created some of the funniest content on the internet. Before Vine, six seconds didn’t seem like enough time to create an entire video, but that is so false.

Since the death of Vine fans and users tweeted their feeling of loss and sadness. No app has replaced the platform, people just post very long compilation videos of old Vines on Youtube or threads of funny Vines on Twitter. Some fans even composed a book about their favorite Vines.

But there is hope. All the pleas and cries to bring back Vine have been heard by the founder of Vine Dom Hofmann. He tweeted today that he is currently working on a follow-up app to Vine. Maybe it will be eight second long videos.

He wants to make this app so much that he is funding it himself outside of his regular job.

We can not wait! Even though he doesn’t give a release date or any information about the new app we can assume it has to be coming soon or else he wouldn’t have announced it on Twitter.

Hoffman can’t resurrect┬áVine, so a follow-up app is the next best thing.

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