Cardi B’s 6 Most Iconic Instagram Videos

Long before Cardi B knocked Taylor Swift from the number one spot on the charts, she was making hilarious Instagram videos. Do you remember “A ho never gets cold” video? Did you know that was Cardi B? She just keeps giving and giving.

Everyone is becoming part of Cardi’s Bardi Gang so it’s only right if you know about Cardi’s rise to fame. She used to be a stripper and then was on the reality show Love & Hip Hop: New York. She credits her rise to fame to the internet and for good reason. Her Instagram videos garner thousands and millions of views. She’s turned her comedy into cash and created fire mix tapes before “Bodak Yellow” came out.

Even though Cardi is now an established hip-hop artist it’s always good to bring it back to her roots. Here are Cardi’s six most iconic Instagram videos.

When Cardi told bitches they smelled like “belly buttons” and “earring backs.”

When Cardi put every boy on blast.

When Cardi became the health teacher we all needed.

When Cardi took us down memory lane.

When Cardi got real with us about her real body parts.

When Cardi taught us that a real hoe never gets cold.

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