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Growing up in the spotlight can be exceptionally hard especially if your dad is A-List movie and television star Will Smith. Jaden Smith’s been very candid about the annoyances and constant scrutiny he faces on the regular and his every move being photographed by paparazzi and then being posted on social media for millions to judge and critique his choices.

From his love life to his style choices, Jaden continually finds himself as the center of attention in the media whether he likes it or not.

With Jaden’s parents being candid about raising their children to express themselves freely, Jaden’s fashion and style has been the talk all over social media for years now. Unapologetically himself, Jaden’s been photographed on several occasions donning a skirt or dress, making him a prime target of social media hazing, harsh critique and judgment.


Well, now the 19-year-old has had enough of the constant chatter of his fashion choices and is speaking out about his clothing decisions.

Taking to Twitter over the weekend Jaden boldly told his followers, fans (and haters), that if he wants to wear a dress then that’s his choice and that’s what he is going to wear. Jaden even boldly let his followers know that his style choices are setting the new wave.

Jaden’s choice to rock women’s wear isn’t the only way the teen has rocked the fashion world. Let’s take a look at 10 of Jaden’s most innovative looks.

1. Loc Love


Jaden’s choice to switch up his look isn’t just confined to his clothing choices, as he’s shown here rocking long dreadlocks.

2. Moto Message


Jaden’s sending a clear message to his haters here on this motorcycle jacket.

3. Skater Boy


Jaden donned the skater boy uniform in this pic, wearing a striped oversized tee and jeans. We wonder how his skills on the board match his “give no f***s” attitude.

4. Bat Boy


A few years ago Jaden took his style savvy to the next level when he signed to Louis Vuitton which resulted in photos including this look where the teen is seen confidently modeling an all-white fit.

5. Stunna Shades


Jaden knows the importance of accessories and showing some skin like he’s pictured donning these colorful iridescent shades and showing off his chest in his button-down.

6. All Black Everything


Jaden brightened up this all black  Matrix inspired ensemble with blonde waves.

7. Supreme King


Not one to shy away from designer labels, Jaden chose to mix his prints with a plaid shirt and checkered Louis Vuitton bag in tow.

8. Model Mayhem


Jaden was photographed with fellow model and Kylie Jenner‘s BFF Jordyn Woods doing what they do best. Many of Jaden’s fans didn’t quite understand the fashion statement he was making here but fashion and style gurus we’re stanning the look.

9. He Does Everything Big


Aside from his signature black, Jaden went through a phase where he loved to rock his shirts and tops exceptionally oversized and pair it with skinny jeans-just like in this photo.Clearly, he was onto to something.

10. Overalls Afterall


Only Jaden can make overalls look this good.

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