In Honor Of Lady Gaga’s Birthday, Here Are 10 Of Her Most Gagalicous Style Moments

Aside from her amazing vocals, Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) has made just as many headlines for her authentic and eclectic approach to style.

Gaga’s made heads turn and had many talking with her no holds bar approach to fashion. In the past Gaga has gone to great lengths to make a statement on the red carpet with her clothes (or lack thereof) with her most notorious moments including her wearing a dress made entirely of meat, dressing as (and staying in character) her alter ego Jo Calderone and wearing ensembles like, well…this:

Gaga has since toned down her look a bit and continues to evolve and change her style depending on her mood. These days Gaga’s glammed up her look a bit, choosing to sport form-fitting outfits, wearing softer makeup and showing off her toned AF and slender body in a thong bikini every now and again.

Of course, Gaga isn’t afraid to step outside the box and still chooses to express herself artistically through clothes every now and again in a dope photoshoot or on the red carpet. For the most part, Gaga’s managed to keep her fashion moments and style continually evolving and balanced.

In honor of Gaga’s 31st birthday, let’s take a look at the singer’s most Gagalicous fashion moments of the year.

1. Gaga’s Grammy Grandeur

For the 2018 Grammy’s Gaga chose to wear this long black dress with a train that put’s wedding dresses to shame.

2. Geek Chic

We’re not so sure if Gaga’s glasses are prescription or not, but she sure knows how to dress them up with this mustard yellow dress and blue denim colored rain jacket.

3. Couture Queen

Gaga’s a favorite amongst many high-end brands and designers, so it makes sense that she’d be wearing this ensemble by Versace.

4. Sipping Pretty

Only Gaga can sip tea in this fabulous black hat, oversized cat eye glasses and black frock.

5. Pigtail Princess

For this shoot, Gaga chose to play with her look and some color, resulting in these gorgeous doll-like photos of the singer.

6. Berets In Barcelona

Posing in a dazzling beret, black blazer and cross adorned black knee-high stilettos, Gaga’s get up certifies her as a Barcelona baddie.

7. Work Hard, Play Hard

For those days where Gaga wants to just chill out and relax, the 31-year-old has no problem hanging out by the beach with a good book and showing off her slim and rock hard bod in a two-piece white thong bikini

8. Glam Gaga

Channeling her inner Marilyn, Gaga chose to sport big beautiful bouncy curls and accessorized the toned down glam look with big black glasses and this fabulously chic and retro pink coat.

9. It’s All In The Accents

Gaga knows the importance of accessories and chose these extravagant earrings to accent her plunging neckline and cleavage in this dress.

10. Mellow Yellow

Gaga’s not one to shy away from color and stayed color coordinated with a yellow beret and this feathered frock.

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