Skip The Foundation And Concealer Because Social Media Is Embracing Acne

If you’re easily swayed by celebrities or influencers, you might be quick to take an interest in their business endeavors or attitudes. Whether it’s supporting someone’s merch line or adopting a similar mindset on current events in the social or political climate, there’s much we can learn from celebs when they show they’re just like us or even when they’re not.


When Justin Bieber recently posted an Instagram video of a close-up of his acne, you might have been tempted to drop the concealer you had in your hand and just leave the house fresh-faced. If a celebrity can embrace their skin blemishes, why can’t we? Justin may not be decisive about his love life, but he sure had no shame in posting the video. While he may have published the video in jest, it sheds light on what’s hopefully not just a fleeting social media trend.

Selfies and videos of people embracing their complexion’s imperfections aren’t exactly new content. For years now, social media users have been owning their acne and dedicating accounts to celebrating the skin they’re in. The account @loveyourskln posted a collage last summer of models that were sent down the runway at Moto Guo with no makeup, showing how the fashion industry is beginning to take a cue.

Everyday social media users, as well as fashion brands, are increasingly embracing cellulite and stretch marks, and acne is joining the ranks. Chrissy Teigen, who is no stranger to keeping it real, posted a video last summer of her breakout. While she may not have been too happy about it, she was voicing how all we ladies feel, and look, when it’s our time of the month.

Acne isn’t something that’s easily embraced, especially when it seems we’re constantly surrounded by ads and tutorials on products that can fix or cover up the “problem.” We can become fixated on our complexion and worry that it’s all others see when they look at us. Not everyone can afford to splurge on the miracle mask that claims to tame any breakout in 48 hours, and these fresh-faced selfies are normalizing the fact that nobody has perfect skin.

Blame hormones, your period, or a breakup, but acne is still very real at any age. It’s comforting to know that others, celebrity status or not, are going through the exact same thing. Leave the foundation and Photoshop at home because we shouldn’t let a bout of zits deter us from daily life.

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