People Are Microwaving Their Beauty Blenders Because Of This One Viral Hack

The beauty game was forever changed with the invention of the beauty blender. The bouncy, colorful sponges were a new tool to use in applying our skin makeup and no longer did we have to rely on brushes. They also became the newest meme last year when ladies sent their boyfriends photos of the tool and asked for their guesses on what it was. Some of the answers were “tear drop” and “egg.”

Well now, the latest trend is killing the holy grail beauty blenders. Ok, not intentionally. Somewhere deep in the depths of the internet, where all trends start, someone discovered that a microwave would allegedly clean your beauty blender. Getting rid of all the gunk and residue in under a minute? That’s right, your microwave isn’t just for heating up pizza leftovers.

So instead of popping your beauty blender in the microwave bare and pressing start, there are a few steps needed. Get a microwavable cup and fill with soap and water, place your beauty blender inside and make sure it’s fully submerged, and heat the cup for about a minute. As the last step, make sure the water is no longer hot before taking the sponge out.

One Twitter user posted a tutorial of it working, and watch as the tool goes from a glittery brown to hot pink.

Some had a few tips on how to do the hack.

Of course, not everyone is doing it right and oof is all we can say.

Meanwhile, there appear to be a few success stories.

Just remember if it’s been a while, like several months or longer since you last cleaned your sponge, don’t expect it to come out brand new. If the idea of the hack still freaks out, you might be better off sticking to the old-fashioned way. If you do test it out, make sure you don’t touch the sponge until the cup fully cools down. And have a backup beauty blender in your cabinet, just in case things do go south.

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