James Charles Drags Ariana Grande & Dubs Her The Rudest Celeb


This is YouTuber, James Charles. He is an extremely talented makeup artist and is also the first-ever male CoverGirl spokesperson.

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In a recent video he posted, he paired up with YouTuber Shane Dawson, and Shane’s boyfriend, Ryland, to film a video of the two attempting to do James’ makeup. The tea started spilling as soon as the foundation was being applied. About halfway through the video, Shane asked James, “Who’s been the rudest celebrity you’ve ever met?”

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Without any hesitation, James says Ariana Grande. He continued to explain how he and Ariana met, online, for the first time. He had posted videos from her concert and she then followed and DMed him.

“I really like Ariana. I just had a really crappy experience with her. I went to her show here in L.A. I posted a bunch of videos from the night and she had DMed me like, ‘Thank you for coming!’ She was so sweet. I was like, ‘Love you the most ever in the world!’ Then she said, ‘I wish I knew you were coming. I would’ve loved to have you backstage.'”

Unfortunately, during this time, James was facing a lot of backlash from many people on social media for a tweet he posted about getting Ebola if he went to Africa. Although extremely insensitive, James, only age 17, issued an apology in hopes to right his wrong.

Hoping wasn’t enough though. Because of the controversy, Ariana Grande fans were not happy when they realized she was following James. And sure enough, “literally four hours later,” after receiving an outpour of tweets from her fans, Ariana Grande went and unfollowed James.

James also saw tweets from fans about Ariana unfollowing him and was surprised when he checked to see that she really did unfollow him. So, he messaged her about it.

He said, “Hey did I do something wrong?” To which Ariana responded and said, “Hey babe, I just saw a lot of angry tweets from my fans and I would never want to disappoint them, so I unfollowed.”

James was disappointed. He let her know his feelings about her decision with a strong-word message that read, “You have 100 million fans. It’s really disappointing that you’d stoop to the level of listening to people bullying me just to appease them, but ok.”

WOW, okay then. Drama, drama, drama. I agree with James in that it is disappointing why she unfollowed you. Our society has learned to believe that hitting the unfollow button means that person no longer likes you and/or wants to be your friend. The virtual reality we live in today tricks our minds into believing we need to adhere to rules that we didn’t make up ourselves but, rules we somehow always follow and never want to break.

Check out the full video below, and fast forward to 10:55 to hear James’ explanation!

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