Yodeling Walmart Boy Is Taking Over Twitter & Is Everyone’s New Favorite Star

You never know when a video is going to go viral or a meme will appear out of what seems like thin air. Right now the internet can’t get enough of the yodeling boy in Walmart.

Over the weekend out of nowhere a video of a small blonde child was posted on Twitter of him yodeling. He’s singing in the middle of Walmart, tapping his foot. We don’t know how this performance came to, if he always stands in the middle of Walmart signing at full volume or if the older woman in the background and the person filming where the only ones watching.

Me: which aisle can i find light bulbs?

Walmart employee: pic.twitter.com/bwiWQAsz6O

— David ◕‿◕ (@dumbassvegan) March 27, 2018

Now the internet is obsessed with yodeling Walmart boy. People even went and recreated his iconic yodeling at a Walmart. But who is yodeling Walmart boy? He’s 10-year-old Mason Ramsey.


— grace (@tweetsonurgrace) March 30, 2018

There is an excess of tweets comparing his public performance of Hank Williams “Love Sick Blues” to other viral public concerts. Mostly he’s being compared to Halsey’s hilarious mall performance of a Blink 182 song.



Wow Halsey’s voice has really evolved but I’m glad to see she’s still sticking to her free public performances in stores https://t.co/lRbympZhr3

— chris (@cseymour64) March 30, 2018


Twitter is making jokes that they’re country fans now thanks to Ramsey’s Walmart yodeling. They’re also joking that he is a legend now and in a few years, there will be a biopic made about Ramsey’s rise to fame, from yodeling in Walmart.

I can’t wait to cast Timothee Chalawhatever in my biopic about the yodeling Walmart boy

— the duck with tiddies from Howard the Duck (1986) (@jodecicry) April 1, 2018

realistically lucas hedges will win a golden globe for playing the yodel boy when A24 produces the biopic, directed by mike mills

— hunter harris (@hunteryharris) April 2, 2018

People are remixing his yodeling into a song you can dance to at the club.

There should probably be some sort of law prohibiting this pic.twitter.com/LGS38MQ87f

— lowercase 🤔 (@lowercase464) April 1, 2018

You know a meme is big when it get’s incorporated into another meme. Ramsey was quickly photoshopped into another meme, in maybe the fastest meme-inception I’ve ever seen.

you know i had to doOoOoOoo it to em pic.twitter.com/pTsYcjeLr0

— 🦑 (@lordcucklord) March 31, 2018

Ramsey is calm cool and collected in his Walmart performance and that’s because it’s far from his first. A YouTube search of his name shows Ramsey performing at actual venues.

I like to think someone in Walmart recognized him and asked him to sing and he obliged. But now he’s a star so we may never know how his yodeling performance came to fruition.

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