These Are All The Facts You Need To Know About Mary Jo, The Mother Of Kris Jenner

It’s hard to choose our favorite Kardashian. When we think about America’s version of the royal family, we can choose from the Kardashians or the Jenners. What about the newest ever-expanding generation consisting of Dream, Stormi, North, Saint and Chicago? It could be easy to overlook the member who’s not always in the limelight, Mary Jo Shannon.

MJ is the long-reigning queen of the fam, being the mother of Kris and grandmother of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe. While she generally shies away from the spotlight, you’ll now recognize her as the newest model of Kim’s beauty collection.

Early Life

According to the Daily Beast, MJ was born in Arkansas and attended a finishing school for women before becoming a model. Like Kris and Kim, she got hitched young, but the marriage only lasted a few months. Two years later, she had Kris Jenner, who would eventually propel the family to fame.


MJ has always had a flair for retail, which clearly runs in the family. Kendall and Kylie came out with clothing collections and Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe opened Dash boutique in various cities. In 1980, MJ founded Shannon & Co, a California-based children’s clothing retailer.

Kris has stated how she used to be employed at her mother’s store growing up and how MJ inspired her own sense of style, “My mom, Mary Jo, is such an inspiration. She gets up every day and puts on the most adorable outfits. She always looks pulled together, and she’s 81 years old.”

Bustle reported how MJ previously battled cancer and won, prompting Kris to see if any of her family members could eventually be predisposed to the disease, in a 2016 episode of KUWTK.


MJ poses with Kris and Kim with contoured cheeks and nude lips.

As for what MJ is up to now? When she’s not modeling with her daughter and granddaughter and making brief appearances on KUWTK, she stays low-key and loves on all her great-grandchildren. Some things really do run in the family.

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