10 Famous Celebrity Siblings That You Didn’t Know Were Related


A sibling bond is unlike any other. They’re like built-in best friends, who no matter what, will always be there for you because if they aren’t mom will get involved.

Siblings understand you on a deeper level than just any friend. They know all of your family drama and personal drama. They know exactly how to drive you crazy, but they also know exactly what to say and do when you need them.

There are famous celebrity siblings like the Kardashians and the Franco brothers that everyone knows about, but there are many celeb sibs that you probably didn’t know were related. Check out the 10 famous siblings below.

Gigi, Bella & Anwar Hadid


Any Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fan knows that there is a third Hadid sibling, and yes he’s a model. Anwar is the youngest of the trio and has been blessed with the family’s great genes.

Mary-Kate, Ashley & Elizabeth Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t the only famous Olsen sibling. Their younger sibling Elizabeth is a famous actress now. She has been acting since a young age but didn’t gain fame until she was 22 years old. Now Mary-Kate and Ashley are fashion designers and Elizabeth is a big-time movie star.

Beyonce & Solange


Sometimes you forget these two Grammy-winning artists are sisters because they both go by one name. But these sister’s go way back and always support each other. Fun fact, Solange was supposed to be Destiny’s Child’s fourth member.

Nicole & Sofia Richie


Nicole and Sofia Richie are half-siblings sharing a dad, Lionel Richie. Lionel isn’t Nicole’s biological dad though, he’s her adoptive dad. When Nicole was 3-years-old Lionel became her guardian. Her parents were friends with the singer and knew they couldn’t provide for her. When she was 9 Lionel and his wife at the time, Brenda Harvey legally adopted her. The half-sibs are 17 years apart in age.

Liev & Pablo Schreiber

Liev and Pablo are half-siblings and share the same father. The acting half-sibs look eerily alike despite only sharing one parent.

Lily & Alfie Allen

The famous British singer is the Game of Throne‘s star older sibling. Lily actually has a song called “Alfie” and it’s about how Alfie smoked a ton of weed and was lazy. Clearly, now that isn’t the case.

Cara & Poppy Delevigne


Another famous British duo. Cara is more globally famous than Poppy, but Poppy holds her own. She’s also had her own successful modeling career, paving the way for her younger sister. She’s also starred in a few movies.

Kaia & Presley Gerber


It’s no wonder these siblings are taking over the modeling world because their mom is Cindy Crawford. Despite their busy schedules, these two are super close. Presley has a tattoo of Kaia’s name to prove it.

Jonah Hill & Beanie Feldstein


Jonah isn’t the only famous person in his family now. Beanie had a breakout year starring on Broadway in Hello, Dolly! and as the hilarious friend in Lady Bird. Jonah solidified his sibling love by getting a tattoo of Beanie’s name on his arm.

Rooney & Kate Mara

Most people like to think Rooney is the oldest of these two sisters, but in fact, Kate is the eldest by three years. Their family is pretty famous in the sports world. Their mom is part of the Rooney family who founded the Pittsburgh Steelers and the family is still majority owners. Their dad’s family founded the New York Giants.

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