A Crazed Taylor Swift Fan Allegedly Robbed A Bank To Impress The Singer

Everyone has a group of celebrities they stan and support no matter what. You’ll buy anything they put out, stay up all night until their new music is released and buy expensive tickets to see them on tour.

There are levels of being a fan and this Taylor Swift fan definitely crossed the line. Connecticut resident Bruce Rowley, 26, was arrest on Thursday for robbing a bank to impress the singer. If anything he isn’t even a fan at this point, he is being an obsessive stalker.

Astonia Police

According to the Courant, Rowley robbed the Webster Bank in Ansonia last week on April 4 and took roughly $1,600 worth. After he stole the money he drove to Swift’s Rhode Island house in Watch Hill. Taylor wasn’t home, so he decided to throw some of the money over the fence of her mansion.

When Swift didn’t show up, Rowley left. While driving on the highway on April 5 state police noticed his car matched the details of the robber’s car. A police chase broke out when Rowley wouldn’t pull over. The chase started in Rhode Island but ended in Connecticut when troopers used spike strips to deflate his tires.

The officers were totally unaware that Swift was the motivation behind Rowley’s actions. “We didn’t know about Taylor Swift until our officers picked him up from state police to drive him back to Ansonia. He began to talk all about it in the cruiser,” Lt. Patrick Lynch said.

Lynch said that Rowley wanted to propose to Swift. He also noted that Swift doesn’t know who he is. This behavior is super scary and not a first for Swift. Early this month Frank Andrew Hoover, who has been stalking Swift since 2016 got sentenced to probation.

Rowley was charged with second-degree robbery and fourth-degree larceny. Swift has yet to comment on the incident. She’s currently prepping for her Reputation tour.

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