Luna Legend Is Almost 2 Years Old & Already A Huge Beyonce Fan

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter Luna is hands-down the cutest celebrity baby. With parents like Legend and Teigen, it’s understandable that Luna is cute, funny and has great taste in music.

Legend is a 10 time Grammy winner and has an Oscar and Tony to boot, so of course music plays a big part in Luna’s life. The almost 2-year-old has a major music milestone recently, she said “Beyonce” for the first time.

Legend went on Ellen to talk about who bit Beyonce because he and Teigen knew who did it. Even though Legend kept his lips sealed he did reveal Luna’s big Bey-milestone.

“She had a milestone yesterday, she said ‘Beyonce’ for the first time. She said ‘Beyonce,’ I was like, ‘That was Luna’s first Beyonce!’ I feel like I should write it down in her baby book.”

A big moment in every child’s life! Legend said the family was in the car listening to Beyonce’s album Lemonade and he and Teigen were talking about Beyonce, and Luna is at the age where she repeats everything, so she said “Beyonce.”

We never knew we needed Luna to be part of the BeyHive, but we are happy she is. She may be the youngest BeyHive member besides Beyonce’s own kids Rumi and Sir Carter. Luna should have a Bey themed birthday party, just saying.

If you’re wondering Legend said that even Luna also doesn’t know who bit Beyonce, but we do. It has since been confirmed that actress Sanaa Lathan bit Bey.

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