Beyonce Finally Speaks Out About Who Tried To Bite Her Face

For most Beyonce‘s career, she has been deemed untouchable, not even human and even Godly. So when the queen herself is seen doing normal things, like going on Target runs, the Beyhive (her loyal fanbase) has to do a double take. So when news broke that someone tried to bit her face the Beyhive lost their minds.

Tiffany Haddish got to hang out with Beyonce a few months ago and the comedian was asked about her time in the goddess’ presence. At first, Haddish was pretty vague about their encounter only saying that Beyonce kept her from fighting someone at the party. Haddish has finally given a detailed recount of the party to GQ’s Caity Weaver and alleged that a guest tried to bit Beyonce on the face. That is why Haddish was ready to throw down, to defend Beyonce from the biting actress.

Haddish didn’t name who the alleged biter was, but fans have been slowly putting the pieces together of who the biter is, but more on that later. During this whole ordeal of finding out who bit Beyonce’s face, no one has asked how Beyonce feels about it.

A source told Us Weekly that Beyonce is flattered that everyone cares, but doesn’t want the Beyhive to attack whoever the biter is.

“She thinks it’s sweet people are so concerned, but also doesn’t want to make life hard for the person that did it. Beyonce’s team is being contacted by almost everyone they’ve ever met! They are getting texts and calls asking, ‘Were you there? What did you see? Have you heard anything?’ It’s pretty insane for anyone that works with Beyonce.”

Since #WhoBitBeyonce was trending fans and journalists have done some major sleuthing to figure out which female celebrities were in attendance at the party that this went down at. TMZ confirms that the biter is Sanaa Lathan. Lathan says that she wasn’t the biter, but sources are saying otherwise.

Haddish talked about the incident in January at a comedy show in Florida. During she said that the biter dated or is dating French Montana. So the biter is an actress, who is linked to French and was at the party. The only person who matches all those requirements is Lathan.

Biter or no biter, Beyonce is flattered that we all care so much about her perfect face and that’s the only thing that matters right? Do you think Lathan is the culprit?

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