Fans Can’t Believe That Beyonce & Blue Ivy Were Shopping At Target

Beyonce has a net worth of $350 million, but Queen B still can’t resist a good deal at Target like the rest of us.

Beyonce and her eldest daughter Blue Ivy were spotted in a Target in Los Angeles. The two famous mother-daughter duo was accompanied by two security guards as well because stars aren’t quiet just like us.

The two were photographed by a Target employee and they had a full cart of Target goodies just like the rest of us. A Target tale that is old as time is when you walk through the doors for two things and end up leaving with two bags full of stuff you didn’t know you needed.

Fans couldn’t believe that Queen B herself was in Target, let alone know what Target is. She’s so wealthy you just think rich people don’t do normal everyday stuff like normal humans.

Fans naturally freaked out that Beyonce was shopping in a Target.

One girl who saw Beyonce at Target was a good sister and FaceTimed her sibling so she could partake in the magical moment as well.

A fan pointed out how Bey and Target had beef in 2013 when her self-titled album came out in 2013. The retail giant wouldn’t sell her album along with Amazon. So Beyonce inked a deal with Starbucks to sell her album knowing that there are Starbucks inside Targets.

Either Bey isn’t into holding on to grudges or Blue loves Target so much that she just caves into taking her into the store.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce was spotted pushing a red plastic cart through the aisles of Target. In December 2017 Beyonce was videoed with Blue in an L.A. Target for the first time.

If you go to Target in the L.A. area keep your eye’s peeled for Blue and Bey because you never know, you could run into them.

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