Just Like Everyone Else On Earth, Beyoncé Loves Target






You can usually find everything you’re look for at Target. School supplies for cheap? Check. This week’s groceries? Check. Beyoncé? In one California Target, check. While celebrities might be expected to be found in five star restaurants and luxe shopping districts, Bey was recently found in a Target, a common place for us peasants. Yes, it was actually her and not her doppelgänger that was recently discovered.

A lucky portion of us have seen Beyoncé in concert, while most of us probably only see her through social media. Meanwhile, this Target shopper was blessed with being several feet away from the star and Blue Ivy at a San Clemente, California location. We have so many questions! Was she holiday shopping?? Why wasn’t her assistant running these errands?? Of course, the encounter had to have been posted on Twitter and everyone was shook.

We should all take a moment to acknowledge the woman who casually strolled by the two, inches away, without a single glance.


Though she was wearing shades, she was instantly recognizable with her blonde mane as she strolled through the toy and bike sections and the food court.


Judging from the photos, the internet was more caught off-guard than the actual people in her vicinity.


I’ve accepted the fact that the closest I’ll ever get to Queen Bey is through my iPhone screen. Meanwhile, this California Target location will probably be filled with civilians hoping for Bey’s return.

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