Did The Weeknd Ugly-Cry Over Selena Gomez During Coachella Performance?

The Weeknd gave an emotional performance at Coachella on Friday, April 13, breaking down in tears during his headlining set.

Fans think the tears had something to do with his ex-Selena Gomez.

The singer ended the music festival‘s first day with a raw performance from his new six-song EP “My Dear Melancholy.”

His performance of two tunes, titled “Call Out My Name” and “Privilege,” brought the singer to tears, according to People Magazine.

Fans have assumed that those two songs, in particular, are about his former relationship with Selena Gomez.

This is the first solo new project The Weeknd has released since his split from Gomez, whom he dated for 10 months.

The couple split in October 2017.

“Call Out My Name” has one line in particular that seems to ring true to the Selena connection to The Weeknd’s new music.

The singer allegedly offered to give Selena a kidney when she needed a transplant back in 2017.

“I said I didn’t feel nothing baby, but I lied/I almost cut a piece of myself for your life,” he sings in “Call Out My Name.”

In “Privilege,” The Weeknd depicts an ex who suffers.

In the song, he cites a woman who took “two red pills to take the blues away, away, away.”

Fans believe that this line has to do with the former Disney starlet’s treatment for depression and anxiety.

Said one fan on Twitter, “Call out my name live version is better than the studio version. I can feel his emotions. How heartbroken he is.”

Call out my name live version is better than the studio version. I can feel his emotions. How heart broken he is. #Coachella #theweeknd pic.twitter.com/TjtS5y16QK

— eyra (@meredithbizzle) April 14, 2018

The Weeknd also spoke of his ex during a particularly raunchy adaptation of the song “Party Monster” when he sang the line “A** shaped like Selena.”

Coachella concludes April 15 with Eminem closing the main stage.

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