Ariel Winter Gets Sassy At A Social Media Troll Who Called Her ‘Thirsty’

ariel winter

Getty Images

First of all, everyone needs to stop what they’re doing, open up their Instagram app, and follow Comments by Celebs. The only thing better than the ridiculous things stars post on social media is their comments.

Ariel Winter is no stranger to clapping back at haters online, and she’s struck again.

“Why does Ariel look so thirsty all the time?” someone asked in a post on the account, tagging herΒ Modern Family costar Sarah Hyland.

The 20-year-old actress couldn’t help but reply with a comedic message.

“I’m SO thirsty!!! Haven’t had water in hours,” she joked. “God I can’t believe you can tell I’m dehydrated from this pic.”

Winter has had no problem going up against body shamers or people who mock her outfits — with a sense of humor intact. Gotta love that.

And seriously, thank me later about following Comments By Celebs.

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