Liam Payne Hints That A One Direction Reunion Is In The Near Future

When Zayn Malik left One Direction in 2015 fans hoped that boy bad will still remain strong together. Then hearts broke for real in 2016 when One Direction went on permanent hiatus. It’s been about two years since the band disbanded and there hasn’t been any news about a reunion since.

Every member has gone on to release solo projects, date supermodels, break up with supermodels and become fathers. One of the 1D dads, Liam Payne spoke to a German news outlet Promiflash and hinted that a reunion of the boy band is not only a possibility but one that could happen soon.

“I think it will happen at some point in the foreseeable future,” Payne said. “We already talked about it.” I like to imagine that 1D has a group message and Malik has the notifications turned off, Niall Horan exclusively texts in emojis and Harry Styles signs off all of his texts with “H.”

Payne continued talking about how their members’ individual success actually helps with their possible reunion. “We have the dream of this next big show and the stage we are currently in, and the success of everyone is so important to us to make the show a reality.”

Malik, Payne and Tomlinson’s solo careers would all mesh together nicely because they all took the pop radio hit route. But Horan and Styles’ solo sound doesn’t quite match. Horan definitely has radio hits, but the sound is not pop it’s more alternative. Styles has gone full blow rock since 1D’s breakup.

One Direction’s hiatus was only supposed to last 18 months, so we are due for a reunion album, tour and documentary on YouTube.

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