What Is “Orbiting”? The New Dating Term Is Probably Happening To You

Thanks to the internet and the slew of dating apps that inhibit every millennial’s phone, dating in the modern era is more complex than ever before.

Not only the way young people are dating is different, but the slang that follows internet dating is always evolving.

We all know the classic dating term ghosting. But the modern dating vernacular is vaster than just simple ghosting. There are breadcrumbing, zombieing, benching and a whole bunch of other made up words to describe inappropriate behavior that is only tolerated because of the internet.

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There is one more term to add to your ever-expanding dating dictionary and it’s called orbiting. The term was initially¬†coined by Man Repeller writer Anna Iovine.

Orbiting is like non-committal ghosting. This is when you go on a date or two with someone (probably from an app). You two follow each other on social media, but never ever go out again.

Despite only have a minimal amount of human interaction and not hitting you up for another date this person doesn’t unfollow you. In fact, they keep up to date on your social media posting. They watch every story you post, every snap, like every tweet and heart every Instagram. This is called orbiting.

This person is just checking in on you through social media, but won’t text you to hang out or go out. They want to keep you on their radar, or in their orbit, but ultimately won’t commit.


It’s annoying, and totally frustrating because your in this weird limbo of being social media friendly with this person but not IRL friendly. To be honest, you’re better off cutting them out from your life. It’s hard to pull an orbiter back down to earth.

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