23 Sayings That Are Perfect For Your Graduation Cap

Graduating college triggers a mix of emotions. It’s a big day that you’ve been working towards for four, five or maybe even six years. Everything has to be perfect including your graduation cap.

Not everyone decorates their graduation cap, but the people who do go ALL out. I’m taking glitter, bows, funny quotes and so much more.

You want to have a graduation cap that no one else in your class has that is perfectly you. Not everyone has the same grad cap tastes. Some want a cap that is emotional about their time in college, others want to have a funny grad cap and then some grads want a cap that is trendy and fit in with pop culture. it doesn’t matter where you graduation cap decoration tastes lie, we have you covered.

Here are a few suggestions that you can get inspiration from or just flat out mimic.

For the grad who has Peter Pan syndrome.


“May you stay forever young” is perfect for the grads who don’t want to enter the “real world.”

For the grad who is a huge fan of The Office.



Every The Office fan can relate to these iconic Kelly Kapoor and Michael Scott quotes now.

For the graduate who wants to thank their parents.



Your parents definitley made sacrifices for you to graduate college. These caps are perfect if you’re a first-generation American, first-generation college graduate or just really appreciate your parents.

For the graduate who already knows their future plans.


You don’t need to be a teacher to wear this grad cap. Just change teacher to whatever your dream profession will be and then boom, you’re done.

For the undergrads who aren’t quite done with school.




If you’re furthering your education after undergrad you should definitely brag about it. Here are a few graduate caps inspiration for the perfect humble brag.

For the grad who is a little sassy about graduating.






Yes, you majored in sass with a minor in sarcasm.

For the grad who can’t believe it’s all over.


You can swap out the Roy Lichtenstein painting for a simple crying emoji to convey your true feelings about graduating.

For the graduate who will still have tons of school spirit after graduating.



College years go by quickly, but school spirit never goes away.

For the grad who loves a good pop culture reference.







Nothing is more perfect than incorporating your favorite show, movie or song into your big day.

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