5 Whites Lies That Are Okay In A Relationship

Okay, how many of us have been there when it comes to telling white lies to your partner?

We’re told that we shouldn’t lie to our partners, but what if they’re white lies? I mean, white lies never hurt anyone, right? They’re practically healthy in a relationship, we all need to tell a white lie once in a while. If you continue to do that, maybe you should go to couple counseling. Also, if you tell your partner recurring lies, you need help.

This Is The First Time I’ve Ever Seen This Movie.

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All of us have been there before. Your significant other and you promised each other that you won’t go to the newest Dwayne Johnson movie or Avengers: Infinity War without them or you watch the newest Michael B. Jordan film without them. You know that your S.O. is a huge fan of all three, yet your friend offered to pay for snacks or has an HBO subscription.  Yet you still watch all three of them with your partner and you have to act shock once the movie is over.  Your S.O doesn’t need to know your secret celebrity crush on Dwayne Johnson, Michael B. Jordan and almost everyone in Infinity War. That’s where the friend comes in, they are the ones who you can fangirl openly. However, if your S.O says that everyone looks like a snack, you agree in a heartbeat or they will find out that you’ve watched something without them.

Oh Yeah, I Totally Love Country Music.


Listen, if your S.O. is from Texas or the South, you lie through your teeth. I don’t care if you don’t want to lie to them, you lie when it comes to country. When a song or artist that makes you roll your eyes, you have to say this. No matter what. In reality, you cannot stand this song or the artist and you don’t listen to the country music station when you’re by yourself.

I Didn’t Eat Your Leftovers, You Probably Left Them At Work.


Okay, this one is more horrible than telling them that you love country music. Everyone looks forward to leftovers, I mean EVERYONE looks forward to leftovers when they get home or for lunch the next morning.  Then when they start to ask you where they’re food is at, you have to act shock and hurt. I would never eat the pizza sandwich that you were saving.  I’m not a monster, thanks so much for loving me.

I Wasn’t Making A To-Do List During Sex.


I wasn’t making what we need for dinner tomorrow or for the birthday party for my friend. I was totally focusing on the same old technique you’ve been using for the months because it makes me feel so good. That’s when you slip one of the newest issues of Cosmo in the bathroom and may or may not bookmark the pages you want to try.

It’s Totally Fine For You To Skip My Own Mother’s Birthday Party, She’ll Understand.


Okay, if this is the first time they’ve missed out on your mother’s birthday, then that’s okay. Go and have fun with your family, swallowed your annoyance and that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You’re going to look over past this, so instead of causing an argument, focus on the fact that you’re with your family. If it’s not, then, you need to talk to them.

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