5 Cheaper Alternatives To The Fenty Body Lava





When Fenty Beauty, Rihanna‘s beauty line releases something new its hyped up, highly sought after and most likely sold out and hard to find once it’s released!  Fenty Beauty recently launched Body Lava; a body luminizer to give you glowy skin just like Rihanna. If you can even get your hands on Body Lava, its sold out on Sephora.com and its only available in one color on fentybeauty.com, you’re still going to have to shell out the $59 for it!  Look no further, here’s a few cheaper, accessible alternatives to the Fenty Beauty Body Lava that will leave you glowing!

Sol De Janeiro Body Glow.


If you’ve smelled a SDJ product before you will know every product they make smells like warm, sunshine in a bottle. It’s the perfect scent for summer! SDJ recently released their Glow Oils which , similar to Body Lava, offers a shimmery oil base that will make you glow and smell amazing. They offer two shades; Copacabana Bronze and Ipanema Sunset — both very similar to the Body Lava shades.

They retail for $35 at sephora.com.

Urban Outfitters Shimmering Body Oil


If you like the shine and shimmer of Body Lava but don’t want color check out this shimmering body oil from Urban Outfitters.  These come in a few shades and are more subtle in color so they’ll just add shimmer and sheen to the skin.  They double as perfume and come in a few different scents from the Urban Outfitters Gourmand fragrance line.  Check these out because they’re definitely one of the cheaper Body Lava dupes out there!

Find this at Urbanoutfitters.com on sale for $14.99!

Kopari Coconut Body Glow


This is a bronze colored body oil with coconut oil to hydrate your skin while adding a radiant shimmer.  The nice thing about this Kopari one is its gentle enough to wear on your body or on your cheekbones as a highlighter! It has a coconut-gardenia scent so you’re sure to look and smell like you’re on vacation when you use this!

Grab this at sephora.com for $42.

Bath and Body Works Shimmer Body Oil


Grab this  Tiare Monoi shimmer body oil as a cheaper, sweet-smelling dupe to the Fenty Body Lava.  This one comes in a golden, shimmer with a floral scent and coconut oil to leave your skin glowing and hydrated!

Grab this one at Bath and Body Works for $14.50!

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmer Oil


This is a dry oil so if you don’t like that sticky, oily texture on your skin than this is for you! It will make your skin glowy and luminous but without that sticky feeling.  It comes in a shimmery bronze shade and it’s enriched with honey for added hydration.

Find this at thebodyshop.com on sale for $13.20!


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