Letitia Wright Net Worth 2018: How Much Is Letitia Worth?





With the Avengers coming out this weekend I’m sure everyone would love to know just how much everyone’s new favorite princess, Letitia Wright, happens to be worth. The Black Panther actress’ career peaked overnight as she was featured as the princess of Wakanda. But, what exactly is her net worth? Letitia’s Wright’s net worth is around $800,000 at the early age of 24, it will be interesting to see the many places that her career will be taking her.

Letitia Wright’s Estimated Net Worth 2018: $800,000


Her career, although not quite at its peak, has started during the early 2000s when she was featured in My Brother The Devil, her first break in a movie during 2012, she was doing small shows in Britain before then. It will be interesting to watch her value increase from $800,000 thousand to millions as she continues to pursue multiple roles.

Personal Life, Who is Letitia Wright?


Letitia Wright was born on October 31st in 1993. She is from Georgetown, Guyana, which is intricate alongside her British background as Afro-Guyanese. When she was seven her family thought it would be best if they moved to London where she received a British education.

Her inspiration to act came from watching, Akeelah and The Bee, where she was intrigued by Keke Palmer’s talent. This led to her sending various emails to many different agents in order to be cast for many different roles which led up to her largest break in Marvel’s Black Panther.

Currently, Wright is not married and does not have any children, but she has voiced some of her struggles with Depression. She states that in order for her to continue to pursue her career she had to take a break, she was beginning to idolize it which was taking a toll on her work. She found faith in Christianity and decided to hit the screens again in 2015.



In 2011 she began her career as being in Holby City which is a British medical TV drama where was Elle Maynard. Not having a leading role didn’t stop her because she began to play in My Brother the Devil where she was recognized by Screen International, an international film magazine, as 2012’s Stars of Tomorrow.

Along with her award, Michael Caton-Jones decided to cast her as leading role in his movie which appeared on Netflix called Urban Hymn. In Urban Hymn she plays as an orphan, Jamie, who finds a voice through vocal lessons that a caseworker begins to attend alongside her as support. The coming-of-age film received an award in 2015 while having her nominated to receive the British Film Award.

Right before Black Panther was released, she was seen on Netflix’s Original Series known as, Black Mirror, in the episode titled “Black Museum.” It is the sixth episode and she acts in the role as Nish who returns back to a twisted museum in order to avenge the torture that her parents endured. This was released to Netflix during December of 2017 only a month before her the hit movie that Marvel recently released.

Present day, she is basking in the joys of being the princess of Wakanda, an African mythological world dominated by a source of fantastical magic, where she helped the movie to reach a record-breaking box office of $682.5 million. Her next movie is anticipated to be released this weekend, the Avengers, where she will play as Shuri.

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