Our Ranking Of The Best & Worst ‘Bachelor’ Spinoff Shows







There are more than a few ways to find love in our era. We can find dates or a hookup for this weekend from our phones without having to leave the house, while the entertainment industry has fed off the loneliness of millennials by creating reality romance shows. Amidst shows like Are You the One and Married at First Sight, a reigning franchise is The Bachelor. Though there are allegations of heavy editing and orchestrated scenes, some couples have walked away with a ring on their finger.

A new spinoff The Proposal was recently announced and we’ll have to wait and see how it stacks up to the ongoing spinoffs. There seem to be no bounds when it comes to dating shows and these shows are proof of that. Check out our ranking of The Bachelor’s spinoffs.

1. Bachelor in Paradise 


Slightly more realistic than The Bachelor or Bachelorette, minus the part where you’re in paradise surrounded by cameras, contestants are able to get to know each other in a more relaxed setting. There were no extravagant dates, and one could explore multiple relationships. The arrival of new people during the duration of the show could make it easier or harder for one to decide who they actually wanted to build relationships with and calls for the need of decisiveness in love.

The 2017 sexual misconduct scandal involving Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson called into question the future of the series but since then, the newest season is confirmed to return this summer. People noted that like in the Winter Games, international contestants will be brought into the mix. Yuki Kimura from The Bachelor Japan of the Winter Games was a fan favorite but her time was cut short on the show. Bekah Martinez of Arie’s season could also potentially make an appearance as she was given a lot of screen time what with the concern over her young age.

Among the couples of BIP who are still together are Carly Waddell and Evan Bass, Taylor Nolan and Derek Peth and Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk.

2. The Bachelor Winter Games 


The Winter Games premiered earlier this year on the cusp of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. While it was entertaining to watch the contestants attempt winter sports, the show seemed more focused on the performance aspects. Though the show ended with a few relationships and one engagement, almost all couples have already broken up with Lily McManus and Courtney Dober still going strong.

Amidst criticism that The Bachelor franchise isn’t diverse enough, the Games added international contestants from various nations who are a part of the franchise in a nice twist. This was the first time international Bachelor stars were broadcasted on American televisions.

3. Bachelor Pad 


Before there was Bachelor in Paradise, there was the Bachelor Pad. Running for three years, it was a chance for eliminated Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants to get a second chance at love or have awkward run-ins with an ex. However, with the promise of $250,000 for winners, intentions seemed less genuine. The show also gave contestants the opportunity to eliminate someone of their choosing which made it all seem more of a popularity contest.

Holly Durst and Blake Julian were the only couple to get married after the series and eight years after their wedding, the two are still going strong.

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