Here Are The 9 Best Ways To Survive Finals

It’s that time of year again and that time is finals!!  No matter how easy your finals may be, they always seem to bring on the stress as they approach. As for the late night studying and impending lack of sleep just know that the end is near because finals mean its almost summer!

Here are some tips to keep your head afloat so you can power through like a champ.

Do Your Laundry Before.

The last thing you need is to be in the middle of finals and realize you’re out of underwear!  Help yourself out!  Do a small load of essentials so that you can spend your time studying and not folding clothes because you don’t have anything to wear. That’s the last thing you want to be worrying about.

Take A Break!

Everybody needs an outlet during a stressful time like finals.  Even if it’s an hour give yourself some time to rest your brain. Whether you watch some Netflix (now is not the time to binge-watch a new season! ), go to the gym or take a nap you need a break from studying.  Take a break, because you deserve it and your brain needs it!


Find Your Best Place To Study.

Some people can study in bed, and some need to be in the library or a Starbucks to focus.  Whatever it may be, study in the way that’s best for you.  If you need silence, go find a quiet spot, if you work well with a buddy go with a friend.  Everyone studies differently and that’s ok! Do whats best for you.

Drink Lots Of Water!

During finals, many of us rely on coffee, caffeine and lots of junk food. It’s okay, do what you gotta do but drinking water will help you feel better, and your skin and your body will thank you after finals!


Go Outside.

You’re definitely going to feel the stress of finals if you spend the whole time pent up in the library. Take a walk and get some fresh air!  Your brain appreciates the break, and it will help you clear your mind so you can study better.


Your body and brain can only do so much without sleep.  If you feel like you need to cram through the night to get a good grade know that rest will just help you to study better. Even if it’s for a few hours! The last thing you want to do is stay up all night studying and forget everything come exam time because you’re too tired to function.  Sleep is not just for the weak.


Write Down Your Exam Times.

Double check what time your exams are because the last thing you need is to miss your final because you thought it was at a different time. What a nightmare!  Save yourself from that stress and write down your exam times.

Do What You Gotta Do.

At the end of the day, finals last about a week and its crunch time.  Get the large coffee, make the extra flash cards, go over your notes again, finish your study guides. You still need to rest but now is the time to give it all you got. The end is near!


Calculate The Grade You Need To Pass.

Here’s a final grade calculator. You’re welcome!

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