Best Ways To Promote Self-Confidence: On & Offline

While some believe that the confidence you have in yourself has a lot to deal with just how well you are able to charm others, it can become groggy in the eyes of a person who spends a lot of their time on social media. It is important to have confidence on and offline because without it how can you expect to live a balanced and emotionally stable lifestyle?

There are many days spent on social media and the long amount of time given to tweets, pictures, and post can leave you feeling dismayed if you aren’t gaining the likes that you would like to have.

First and foremost, you have to identify the crowd that you are seeking to please. If you are already in love with yourself but want that added boost of confidence in your online presence it is important to find that audience that will like all the things that you post. In other words, don’t base your online confidence on lames that don’t appreciate your style and choice of artistry.

Have confidence in the fact that the content that you produce has to be geared towards someone. I mean let’s be real if you exist in this world there has to be someone who has something in common. And, although you may be dismayed when you don’t get those likes that you were necessarily looking for, believe that someday it will happen.

In the meantime, between time, try working on your offline persona.

One of the best sources of likes and retweets come from those who actually genuinely like the kind of person you are in reality.

People have this odd way of translating their love for your personality onto your social media persona through liking everything you post no matter if its trash, it’s just because you posted it. How do you work on this offline reputation? You start by being nice. I know, it sounds really hard at first, but over time you will come to learn that simple smile and “hello” goes a long way with those in reality. You don’t have to worry about your “hi” being marked as spam or sent to the trash when everything is in reality because there are no buttons hovering over the other person’s head.

With this buttons not existing you can find the time to get to know them. Quite a phenomenon, I don’t say.

Getting to know this other person begins with realizing that they’re just as nervous as you are and would like to have a conversation but are wearing the same shoes, “Oh my gosh, let me barf, it’s a real human.” We tend to lose sight of this with all the time spent on our laundry lists of timelines. We forget about the gimmicks that go into being charismatic with another person.

We forget that this other person needs our confidence just how we need theirs. It’s a transaction that happens when there is positive energy from one source to another that causes for both parties to smile and realize that without the likes we are actually genuinely the same.

Oh no, not that word, same. It has the connotation that we aren’t likable when in reality we are, we are super likable because our charm comes from within.

So, if you can harness the inner power to manage a “hello” and “hi” every once in a while you will find that your online presence will increase, ways to network with others that are just as similar to you, and that you’re not alone in this world.

In our likeness there comes a sense of communion that builds our self-esteem and makes us realize that there is so much more to life than to worry about whether or not we are actually worth it.

We can’t base our worth on the number of likes we receive, we have to base it on the authentic relationships offline and with ourselves.

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