5 Met Gala Rules You Didn’t Know Celebrities Have To Follow

The Met Gala isn’t like any other red carpet around. Tickets are ridiculously expensive ($30,000 a pop with tables running you around $275,000) and to top it all off, after the celebrities walk the red carpet, the E! News coverage stops and the event is closed to the public! So what exactly makes the Met Gala the social event of the season for the fashion world?

Well, aside from having your picture taken for all the world to see, there’s dinner, performances and A-lister meet-ups to look forward to.

“The ‘behind the scenes’ is always really fun at the Met,” Christine, a former Vogue staffer revealed. “A tremendous amount of work goes into the production and execution of the event and the night always seemed to go smoothly, impressive, to say the least. The decor is mouth dropping, the high energy is palpable, and the performances always have every guest up from their tables and dancing!”

Sure the night sounds like a fairytale come true, but apparently, there are rules if you want to attend this exclusive night of fashion.

You don’t become fashion world’s most exclusive gala for more than 70 years without having a few rules in place. Take a look at these five new rules that celebs and guests are subjected to follow when they attend the Met Gala.

1. No Phones/Cameras

Diddy Sean Combs The Met Gala 2017


According to Elle, the reason the Met Gala has remained to be such an exclusive event is that there is a strict (but broken) no cell phone rule. Cameras or any type of photography is not allowed inside and that includes the ones on phones. Celebs are known to break this rule all the time.

2. No Selfies


Three years ago, Page Six reported that everyone that gets invited to the event gets notices that say, “The use of phones for photography and social media will not be permitted inside the gala.” The ruling was passed down by Anna Wintour, who made it clear that no selfies would be allowed at the event.

3. No Social Media Posting


If you want to post photos of the special night to Gram, you’ll have to wait for pics from the pros because along with the no phone/selfie ban is the no social media posting rule that Kylie Jenner iconically broke last year with her now infamous bathroom selfie that got nearly 3.5 million likes.

4. No Smoking


Not only is smoking bad for your health, apparently, it’s also not a good look for the Met Gala.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, after photos of designers and celebrities smoking in the bathroom were leaked, the New York City Department of Health has decided to crack down on the problem. This year they are planning to have people from the department making sure that the Met Gala stays a smoke-free zone.

“This spectacular event awes us all,” said Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Mary T. Bassett in a letter to the museum’s senior vice president. “We were dismayed to read reports that some celebrities chose smoking as their fashion accessory and flagrantly violated New York City’s smoking laws.”

5. Food Ban

Woman eating food


Yes, you read that right. Since 2016 Wintour has been cracking down on guests potentially being subjected to bad breath and has banned certain foods from the event. In 2016 The Daily Mail reported that Wintour banned parsley, bruschetta and garlic from the event altogether.

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