This Plus Size Model Dressed Up As Barbie To Show Proper Body Diversity

Mattel’s Barbie, the classic dress-up doll, has been accused of perpetuating an unrealistic body to young girls for years. If Barbie was a real woman with the same measurements to scale she would have to walk on all fours and wouldn’t be able to lift her head. Her head is too big, her neck is too thin, her longs are proportionally too long, her waist is anatomically not possible and her feet are too small to even support her body.

Barbie has released other dolls that have more realistic bodies, like bigger hips. Still, Barbie’s legacy is tied tightly to unrealistic body standards. Plus size model Lori (whose nickname is Plus Size Princess), decided to show Mattel what a plus size Barbie should look like.

Lori had a photo shoot dressed up like a Barbie doll, Barbie box and all. “It’s 2018 and the standard for beauty has shifted a little, but they are still telling us what we should look like, dress like, and act like,” she wrote on her Instagram.

“They say hey girl.. sure, you can be curvy but as long as you meet our standards of what we think plus size women should look like,” Lori wrote. “You should have a big butt, big boobs with a small waist to match.”

This is commenting on the Mattel’s plus size Barbie, who has hips and a larger chest, but her waist is still small and her legs are still rather thin. This plus size Barbie isn’t properly representing plus size girls. Believe it or not, not all girls have flat stomachs and slim ankles.

We think Lori makes a great Barbie.

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