Adele Had A Titanic Themed Birthday Party & Some Fans Are Not Happy

Adele is known for her Grammy award-winning voice and her ability to make you feel things you didn’t even know you felt while listening to her music. One of Adele’s hidden talents is her ability to cosplay. She dressed up as Dolly Parton in January, and if Parton herself posted this photo with no caption, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it.

Last year for her birthday she dressed up like an elderly version of herself, and it looked like we time jumped into the future. For her 30th birthday, Adele went big and had a Titanic themed party. She dressed up like Rose from the movie and had it had a venue that looked like the party was on the literal Titanic.

Even though Adele totally nailed her Rose costume, some fans have found the theme problematic. Mostly because of the one photo of her and guests dancing in life jackets. Yes, the Titanic was an iconic movie, but we can’t forget that it is about a real-life tragedy where people died.

Recently a meme has been going around with pop songs being played over the scene where the Titanic snaps in half. One Twitter user joked that it was a video from Adele’s birthday celebration. The happy party music placed behind the ship sinking is a stark contrast.

Apparently, the movie was iconic and the ship sinking was historic. The Titanic is part of pop culture no matter what you want to believe. But once again celebrating while wearing a life jacket at a Titanic party is not in good taste. When those people on the ship wearing life jackets, they were not dancing around.

Not all fans disliked the theme. There is no denying that Adele killed her outfit and so did her partygoers.

What do you think about the theme? Was it in good taste or poor taste?

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